Pine Creek Ski Resort

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Contact Info / Directions
Cokeville, WY  US
(307) 279-3201
Vertical 1,450 Ft / 442 M
Peak Ticket   35.00

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About Pine Creek Ski Resort

Ski Wyoming, Ski Pine Creek! Some of the best conditions, a lot of snow, and a lot of fresh untouched powder. Pine Creek offers the ski enthusiast a terrific mountain with plenty of runs at all skill levels. If you haven't experienced skiing in Wyoming you should give it a try! Due to the location of Pine Creek great conditions can be expected all season. A strong wind from the north and south-west brings plenty of snow and large drifts. These winds are calm during daylight hours and bring strong storms in the evening preparing the runs for skiers to enjoy the next day!

Skiing and Snowboarding at Pine Creek Ski Resort

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Pine Creek Ski Resort Contact Information

Pine Creek Ski Resort website Pine Creek Ski Resort Website

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Pine Creek Ski Resort Address

4061 Pine Cr County Rd. 204
PO Box 340
Cokeville, WY  US

Pine Creek Ski Resort Phone Numbers

(307) 279-3201