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Alta, UT  US
Contact Info / Directions
(801) 742-3333
KM of TRAILS 5/km
Trail Fee? Yes
Ski Rental? Yes

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About Alta

Alta and pure, unspoiled skiing are indeed synonymous. Alta’s wide variety of terrain, breathtaking alpine scenery and superb snow conditions combine to create a unique setting for unforgettable outdoor experiences with family, friends and the mountain itself. Alta becomes a place where visitors have all the time in the world to feel both a sense of serenity in a pristine alpine environment as well as sense of excitement and fun in being outdoors in the clean mountain air. Alta continues to offer a ski-only experience.

Fast Facts:
Trails Groomed? Yes Groomed for Skate Skiing? Yes Has Rental Skis? Yes Is There a Trail Fee? Yes

Alta Contact Information

Alta website Alta Website

Alta email Send an Email

Alta Tickets Prices / Alta Trail Fees

Prices last updated 12/14/2006.
Weekend Weekday
Half Day Full Day Half Day Full Day
Adult 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
Senior 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
Junior 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00

Alta Ski Rental Prices

Skis Snowshoes
Adult - Standard Package Price 15.00 15.00
Junior - Standard Package Price 10.00 10.00
Senior - Standard Package Price 15.00 15.00

Information last updated 12/14/2006.

Alta Mountain Stats

Mountain Season/Hours
km of Trails 5/km
Annual Snow 500" / 1,270cm
From 11/18/2006 to 4/22/2007
Sunday: 9:15-4:30
Monday: 9:15-4:30
Tuesday: 9:15-4:30
Wednesday: 9:15-4:30
Thursday: 9:15-4:30
Friday: 9:15-4:30
Saturday: 9:15-4:30

Cross Country Skiing Lessons at Alta

Our ski school is included in SKI Magazine's "Best of the Century" as one of the Top Ten Ski Schools in North America. Alta instructors are some of the most experienced powder, mogul and steep terrain coaches in the USA. We also have the finest and most experienced group of Telemark "free-heel" instructors found anywhere.

Improvements This Season at Alta

3rd Installment of Watson Shelter
A new day lodge located near the angle station of the Collins lift welcomed skiers at Alta for the 2005/06 season. Complete with two snow level entries, an “Alta Logo” store, extensive cafeteria, and a fine dining experience reminiscent of the beloved Collins Grill. Spectacular views of Mt. Baldy and plenty of deck space makes for an easily accessible lunch destination for all of Alta’s skiers.

New for 2006/07
Alta is proud to offer WiFi access at multiple locations at the ski area. Watson Shelter, Alf’s restaurant and Albion Grill will have full WiFi capabilities for the 2006-07 ski season.

Dining Around Alta

Skiers' Lunch Options Alf’s Restaurant, Collins Grill & Watson Shelter (mid-mountain)
Albion Grill, Alta Lodge, Alta Java
Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta’s Rustler Lodge
Goldminer’s Daughter, Joanies

Alta Lodging, Hotels, and Condos

Lodging Immediate base area properties provide unique ski in/ski out accommodations, ranging from dormitory to deluxe. Lodging at Alta is individually owned & managed. Please visit for more information. Package Information available on or 888 356-ALTA

Directions to Alta

Located at:
Highway 210
Alta, UT 84092

Map of Alta